Three friends who met through the video game industry and became best friends.

Whatcha up to?

Addicted to Animal Crossing!

Getting settled in San Francisco and starting my new job :D

Recovering from E3!

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Welcome to my space on the web. Take a look around and get to know more about me or check out my work :)

Just a bit of a break down of who I am:

I am a person just looking to expand my horizons on a daily basis. I teach myself just about everything that I know and I am still learning new things. I play video games, create silly characters, and enjoy marketing and community management more than most people know.

If you have stumbled across this page, whether on purpose or by accident, I welcome you to check out all the little things I have on this site. When you are done drop me a message or even chat with me on Twitter. I promise I am more than what I appear to be so get to know me!

Interested in hiring me? Shoot me an email via my contact page (click that button at the top, click it click it click it!!)